Regular Maintenance For Your Cleanroom: A Must?

The timely and precautionary implementation of maintenance of cleanroom facilities and equipment is particularly appropriate from an economic point of view. Since skilled, ongoing maintenance makes a critical contribution to the reduction of downtime and faulty goods, as well as to the extension of service life.

Is cleanroom maintenance absolutely necessary?

The maintenance of cleanroom facilities and equipment is almost mostly neglected. Why is that? Because of an inaccurate approach. One must not ask ‘why am I doing maintenance?’ but ‘what do I have a cleanroom for?’ The answer to that question is probably because you want good quality products and fewer faulty products. Continuous maintenance significantly decreases the risk of sudden downtime. Consider the scenario described. Your faulty products are increasing by 1%. Only then should you know that in the cleanroom setting something is wrong. The costs produced are typically much higher than routine maintenance due to faulty items. Possible expenses set aside afterward. Consequently, with measured efforts, the key aim of maintenance is to avoid unnecessary costs.

Let’s have a quick digression into the automobile sector: every 30.000km, an oil change is recommended. Of course, a vehicle will go even longer without changing oil than is recommended, but the engine of the car will be damaged at a certain stage and will collapse. You would regret not paying the small amount for the service check in the aftermath because now you will pay tenfold the costs.

Which service intervals are specified?

Service intervals that are recommended are ISO 14644 and VDI 2083. A six-month inspection is recommended for ISO Class 1-5 cleanrooms, and an ISO Class 6-9 should be inspected every 12 months. The customer eventually chooses a service interval frequency. Wearing components like pre-filters need not be waited for too long. If a certain ISO class is no longer achieved, the pre-filter might be the cause. However, it need not have to wait for this long.

What has to be serviced?

In addition to products such as fan filter units, cleanroom quality management is of utmost importance. There is a purpose if there is a decrease in the quality of the goods produced in the cleanroom. These must be determined and discarded. For example, with a measurement of airborne particles or a microbiological examination of airborne germs.

It can be undoubtedly concluded that regular maintenance of cleanrooms is very important. Remember to keep these pointers in mind for a well-functioning cleanroom!

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