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Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment Storage Cabinets manufactured by Alpha Linear is a versatile cleanroom furniture used to sterilize and store cleanroom garments. It sterilizes unused cleanroom garments like gowns, wipes, tools, and other fabric materials, maintains cleanroom cleanliness levels, and reduces the risk of bacterial or other particulate contaminants settling on the surface of the gowns worn by the personnel before entering a controlled environment.

Alpha Linear cleanroom garment cabinets are premium sterile storage furniture equipped with HEPA filter, disposable pre-filters, LED light, and UV light offering high-quality construction, simple configuration, value, and reliability.

Our garment cabinets are critical for hospitals, laboratories, food processing units, aerospace installations, nuclear facilities, and optical industries for storing garments and other wearable gowns in a visible and organized fashion.

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Application objectives
  • Motor blower assembly feeds unfiltered ambient air through a series of disposable pre-filters before passing it through a HEPA filter that captures suspended contaminants up to 0.3 microns.
  • Designed to achieve a Class 5 air cleanliness level inside the enclosure as per ISO 14644-1
  • Standard shall confirm to Class 5 of ISO 14644 – 1 & 2
  • Optimum performance under ambient temperature between 0-50 degree Celsius and 15-90% relative humidity
  • 220 V Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • H14 Grade mini pleat HEPA filter 99.995% efficient at 0.3 micron
  • Coarse pre-filters, 90% efficiency @ 10 microns
  • Imported centrifugal motor blower
  • Maintains <65 decibels noise level
  • 0.4 Mtrs/Sec ± 0.1Mtr/Sec filter face velocity
  • UV germicidal unit (optional)
  • Glare free LED lighting for illumination
  • Magnahelic gauge to monitor pressure across the HEPA filter
  • Transparent Acrylic /glass sliding doors enclosed in aluminum frame
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Additional shelves
Model, Dimensional and MOC Specifications
Model No. Nominal Work Space Dimensions-mm Nominal Overall Dimensions-mm Material of Construction
GC 2326 W D H W1 D1 H1 Mild Steel Epoxy Powder Coated
900 550 1300 960 600 1800
GC 2426 1200 550 1300 1260 600 1800
GC 3326 900 550 1300 960 600 1800 Stainless Steel 304/316
GC 3426 1200 550 1300 1260 600 1800