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About Us

About Us

Alpha Linear is counted among the most recognized Indian OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in cleanroom technology, industrial ventilation systems, and related cleanroom equipment. We offer a wide-range of cleanroom products, laboratory furniture, chemical fume hoods, cleanroom design and validation services.

Contamination control remains our primary concern and we provide cutting edge cleanroom solutions for industries and laboratories that demand aseptic working environments and sterile manufacturing sites.

Our History

In 1990, Alpha Linear began with a vision to make high-quality cleanroom equipments accessible and affordable for the benefit of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and thousands of private diagnostic and analytical laboratories in India. Our aim was to offer an indigenously designed and manufactured Laminar Air Flow Clean Benches, Biosafety Cabinets, Pass Boxes and Air Showers as a competitive alternative to more expensive imported western brands. We have come a long way in achieving this goal and today, Alpha Linear has reached an enviable position in the industry as a brand recognized for quality, safety, superior performance and excellent after-sales service experience.

Since inception, we have relentlessly persevered to innovate with our products to comply with the most stringent safety standards applicable in India, EU, Africa and SouthEast Asia. A majority of our products are CE certified and conform to NSF/ANSI 49, EN 12469, ISO 14644-1 and many other applicable international standards that govern the design, installation and acceptable performance levels for cleanroom equipment and biological safety cabinets. More recently, we have gained significant experience in designing and commissioning COVID-safe clean and sterile clinical laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in India.

Environmental sustainability remains our top most priority and we are obsessed with providing cleanroom equipment that are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

2000+ customers

At Alpha Linear, we adopt next-level customer-centric approaches to address our specific customer requirements. Our highly-trained staff is armed with appropriate product knowledge to serve clients of many industry verticals, regardless of company size and type.