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Technological advancements in various industries, including paints, fertilisers, insecticide, and textiles, has fueled the demand for speciality chemicals across the world.

Analysts and laboratory staff performing various QA tests and procedures with such speciality chemicals are often subjected to serious health hazards from direct exposure. This could be detrimental to their respiratory organs over long term exposure.

A laboratory must take every possible measure to ensure 100% safety and comfort in the workspace to lower the risk of chemical exposure. For that purpose, the laboratory must be well-equipped with equipment that can limit, if not, eliminate chemical emissions during experimental procedures.

Alpha Linear offers a variety of cleanroom and contamination control equipment to protect the operator and the surrounding environment with ergonomically designed models to maximise operator comfort coupled with energy savings features that can save upto 60% in electricity bills.

Fume Hoods (ducted and ductless) – used for handling hazardous chemicals during experimentation procedures and analysis.