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Fine Filter

Fine Filter

Fine filters aka secondary filters are used for fine filtration for removal of particles in the range of 1 to 10 microns. Secondary filters are made from selective fibre media for better efficiency. The non-woven fibre with high dust holding capacity and low resistance is used as the filter material, which can provide low resistance while achieving high grade efficiency, and at the same time can provide a lot of advantages and is suitable for very heavy-duty ventilation systems.

Grades and Dimensions
Sl No Filter Grade Dimension Airflow (CMH) Initial Pressure Drop (Pa) Final Pressure Drop (Pa)
1 F5 305x305x150 425 60 200
2 F5 610x305x150 850 60 200
3 F5 610x610x150 1000 60 200
4 F5 305x305x300 850 60 200
5 F5 610x305x300 1700 60 200
6 F5 610x610x300 3400 60 200