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Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

What is Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet?

Horizontal Laminar Flow cabinets from Alpha Linear provides an aseptic work environment conforming to Class 5 conditions as per ISO 14644-1 standard. It’s suitable for all non-hazardous, contamination sensitive procedures and processes and provides sample/product protection only.

The unidirectional air flow inside the work-area is horizontally directed outwards after HEPA filtration. At all times, a positive pressure is maintained inside the work-area, preventing any ambient, contaminated air from entering the sterile work-area, thereby compromising the samples, tests and analysis performed.

Unlike conventional designs, Alpha Linear’s Horizontal Laminar Flow cabinets are designed to be affordable, portable, and durable and present a very reasonable Cost of Ownership (TCO) over its useful life.

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Intended objectives
  • Provides sample/product protection only
  • A great localized cleanroom enclosure with Class 5 conditions as per ISO 14644-1
  • NOT to be used when working with microbiological agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Applications in Plant Tissue Culture, Media Preparation, Microelectronics, Medical Device Assemblies, Product Testing & Analytical Laboratories, Agriculture Research among many