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Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Tissue Culture is counted as a specialised domain in plant sciences and biotechnology, with the aim of revolutionising the growth of agriculture in India. It is a science involving many scientific procedures performed in controlled environments to obtain high quality, disease-free and high-yielding plants rapidly irrespective of the season.

India is home to a rapidly growing ~USD 68 million (per 2016 figures) tissue culture industry, aided by population surge continuing to boost demand for high-quality agricultural produce. Typically potatoes, bananas, sugarcane, apple, pineapples, strawberry, bamboo, date palm, teak and pomegranates among others are popularly incubated in Tissue Culture laboratories.

Although widespread and gaining popularity as a viable industry in India, setting up a tissue culture facility can often be a complex endeavour. It is recommended that sterile conditions are maintained in media culture and transfer areas under positive pressure. More importantly, all the surfaces in such sterile facilities are dust and microorganism free.

Alpha Linear can help the Tissue Culture Industry with the technical know-how to setup sterile labs and a range of suitable equipments and laboratory furniture for supporting the various procedures involved, including in, Culture Media Preparation, Aseptic Transfer Areas, Incubation and Growth Areas etc.,