Mobile Cleanroom Solutions – A Game Changer?

The rising demand for Cleanroom technologies

The demands for the quality and manufacturing conditions of commodities are increasing for many industries. To a great extent, it needs external conditions to meet their own quality levels or the specifications of customers. The right solution can/might be a cleanroom.

A performance Problem

It is not always predictable beforehand if it is beneficial to acquire a company’s own cleanroom. A demand for an alternative to a securely mounted cleanroom is made particularly for short-term usage, or likely for measuring, calculation, and control activities. Such an option is made possible in a mobile cleanroom. 

Why mobile Cleanrooms?

Mobile cleanrooms are modular, custom-designed cleanrooms built in a large,  stainless steel frame or a cleanroom trailer. A mobile, cost-efficient cleanroom guarantees replicable conditions for production, analysis, calculation, and testing conditions for the challenging tasks. This follows the same conditions as a firmly built cleanroom. In addition, the mobile cleanroom approach offers more benefits for different areas of use. These cleanrooms have the same functionality as traditional or standard cleanrooms, as mobile cleanrooms are transported conveniently across or to remote locations and have full cleanroom functions whenever needed.

Mobile cleanroom – use and application:

  • Flexibility

A mobile Cleanroom can come extremely handy when you only need a Cleanroom for a few weeks or months

  • Mobility

A mobile Cleanroom is easy to transport when you need to change the location for the cleanroom frequently.

  • Availability

A mobile Cleanroom is incredibly reliable when you need to react to your clients’ requirements on short notice, asking for cleanroom technology or when you need an interim solution until the firmly installed cleanroom is finished.

  • Relation

A mobile cleanroom can help when a permanent cleanroom installation is out of your research funding.

  • Cost pressure

A mobile cleanroom benefits when an organisation has not actually considered investing in its own cleanroom. 

A mobile cleanroom is an excellent, cost-efficient, and locally scalable option for businesses that have only temporary requirements and don’t want to sacrifice efficiency.

Our self-contained, ready-to-use, Mobile Clean Rooms provides you with functional cleanroom space anywhere you need it, and whenever. Whether you are looking to expand development, R&D, or processing capacity at an already established facility, a remote location, or across the world, our mobile Cleanrooms can be transported and fully operated more conveniently and efficiently, than other cleanroom options.

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