How do Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations help in Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) or IVF?

Laminar Flow Cabinets (aka Tissue Culture Hoods) are enclosed sterile work benches commonly used in laboratories for complete product protection (specifically test sample protection only).

What is a Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation?

A Vertical Laminar Flow is an essential workstation for experimental procedures performed in microbiology labs, quality control divisions, and other sterile testing and diagnostic laboratories. Laminar Flow Workstations have gained popularity in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and widely used in Invitro Fertilization (IVF) labs around the world, where stringent sterile conditions are to be maintained during the various procedures involved.

A Vertical Laminar Workstation designed by Alpha Linear has a protected HEPA air filtration system that offers a constant and reliable flow of filtered air between 5-15 psi.

The functionality of a Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation

A Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation directs air vertically down from the top hood. This configuration ensures no manipulation of the sample/product or proliferation of any particulate matter in laboratories designated for IVF.

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets provide sample protection by eliminating air turbulence in various working environments. Hence, Vertical Laminar Flow is critical for experimental procedures in Microbiology, ART and IVF, forensics, pharmaceutical, biological laboratories, and microelectronics.

How does Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation work in IVF/ART laboratories?

The Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets from Alpha Linear are ideal for ART/IVF labs owing to their long-term resilience, convenience, and proven technology. Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation can be configured for safe Assisted Reproductive Treatment procedures like screening of eggs, insemination of the eggs, freezing of sperm, eggs, and embryos, and finally, but not limited to the preparation of culture dishes.

To assure work zone decontamination, our Laminar Flow Workbench come with an integrated UV lamp inside the sterile work zone. Additionally, a microcontroller can provide full controls to regulate the air velocity and pressure inside the work zone and additionally, monitor the UV consumption (in hours).

Our Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet guarantees a secure working environment for test samples/specimens and the success of the procedure itself by providing a specific and predictable airflow pattern, making it ideal for ART or IVF application.

Vertical laminar flow workstations from Alpha Linear help to ensure environmental safety in laboratories and other workspaces by eliminating the added risk of any contamination.

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