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Cleanrooms need to be constructed with a lot of consideration. You will need to address a few things before deciding on the right place to position your cleanroom. First of all, evaluate your classification. The classification of a cleanroom would inform you which sort of cleanroom you should create, how it should be designed, and what materials you can use in the construction of a cleanroom.

When you’re clear of what type of cleanroom you can create, you can consider installing your cleanroom, cost-effectively, in your current building or build a free-standing cleanroom. Let’s go into more detail about this process.

Where to Install Your Cleanroom

Evaluate the space and the structural criteria of your work with complete knowledge of the cleanroom classification requirements. You should have enough room for the requisite appliances, furniture, storage, and staff in your current space or designated cleanroom area.

Build-in Your Space

You may install your cleanroom in your current building if your cleanroom designation and usable space permit it. Cleanrooms can also be built in your manufacturing plant, warehouse, laboratory, or even within another cleanroom. If you build a cleanroom using your current structure, you should have ample space to run it, plus space to ease mobility and usability. You can either build your cleanroom traditionally or complete the cleanroom installation conveniently and quickly using mobile cleanroom technologies.

Construct a Free-Standing Cleanroom

Mount your cleanroom easily and accessibly in your facility using HardWall, SoftWall, or RigidWall panels. The perfect configuration for all equipment, furnishings, and personnel is designed in the layout for your cleanroom. The cleanroom may be individually installed or suspended by a solid ceiling grid.

Remodel Your Space for Cleanroom Installation

It might take some planning before the modular panels can be set up and assembled based on the space you are using to create your cleanroom. You may need to construct more rooms, adapt existing heating and cooling systems, and attach new units to your building’s power and ducts. In order to fulfill the specifications and prepare the space for cleanroom construction, you may have to add new flooring or insulation. Consult your cleanroom classification always for guidelines on what materials are appropriate in your cleanroom.

You can install your cleanroom in a convenient, usable, and cleanroom-compliant location with a comprehensive design and full knowledge of your requirements and cleanroom compliance. If you know that you need a clean room, but you aren’t sure where to put it, seek expert advice.

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