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Biosafety Cabinet Class III

Biosafety Cabinet Class III

Biosafety Cabinet Class III

The cabinet is designed for use with Biosafety Level 1,2, 3, and 4 and often specified to be used with the most deadly biological agents. Alpha Linear make Class III Biosafety Cabinet is a completely welded gas-tight metal enclosure with the provision of accessing the work-area via a pair of glove ports at the front end of the cabinet. Additionally, a fully integrated mechanically interlocked Passbox provides for a safe passage of materials and instruments inside the work-area.

A Class III Biosafety Cabinet is designed to maintain negative pressure inside the work-area, relative to the surrounding environment to ensure 100% protection from any potential accidental release or comprise in physical containment during routine operations.

For product protection, HEPA filters are used to filter the supply air before it enters the work area by removing any undesirable particles/contaminants. Before discharging air into the surrounding ambient environment, the cabinet exhaust air is first filtered using two HEPA filters in series and if required, further sterilized by passing the filtered exhaust air through a series of Ultraviolet (UV) light assemble in the dedicated exhaust duct.

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  • The inner work area is made up of single sheet stainless steel.
  • Use of energy efficient DC ECM motor leads to considerable energy savings compared to AC motor.
  • Automatic Airflow adjustments ensure both the downflow and inflow velocities remain steady extending the life of the employed HEPA filters.
  • Front 10° slanted to offer operator comfort while working for long time, reduce glare and maximize reach into the work area.
  • MOC SS 316/316L
  • DOP Test Port
  • Test certificates
  • UV light hour meter
  • Microcontroller
Model, Dimensional and MOC Specifications
Model No. Nominal Work Space Dimensions-mm Nominal Overall Dimensions-mm Material of Construction
BS 2322-B2 W D H W1 D1 H1 Mild Steel Epoxy Powder Coated
870 600 630 970 785 2310
BS 2422-B2 1175 600 630 1275 785 2310
BS 2522-B2 1480 600 630 1580 785 2310
BS 2622-B2 1785 600 630 1885 785 2310
BS 3322-B2 870 600 630 970 785 2310 Stainless Steel 304/316
BS 3422-B2 1175 600 630 1275 785 2310
BS 3522-B2 1480 600 630 1580 785 2310
BS 3622-B2 1785 600 630 1885 785 2310


Yes, biosafety class 3 is environmentally friendly equipment because it is designed with biosafety levels. It conserves the environment from bacteria.

Yes, biosafety cabinets ensure maximum satisfaction to the worker because the tight glass chamber in the biosafety class 3 cabinets ensures safety.

Yes, Alpha linear manufactures high-quality equipment because various testing activities are performed before manufacturing equipment.

Pass box is used in class three biosafety cabinets to protect workers and environments.

Yes, Alpha linear contributes towards the covid-19 safe clean because we follow all the guidelines as designed by the government.